keskiviikko 28. huhtikuuta 2010

tiistai 27. huhtikuuta 2010

Bon appetit

Waitress, where's my whiskey?

Alias, the movie starring Jennifer Garner

I would definitely NOT watch.

Bling bling

Nice ring Rihanna!

I found a Sk8er Boi for Avril

I call her Hilary, but you can call her Harry too.

Avril Lavigne has something to say

Ok Avril, we understand, you made your point. Now go sing Sk8er Boi or grow the fuck up!

My lips are not fake!

Suuure Jen. In which row?
A trip from horsie to Jolie.

This is no bullshit!

Brazilian shemale Camilla De Castro (left side) and actress Jennifer Garner.

Remember the year when Leonardo DiCaprio cut his hair... that people would not mistake him as Jennifer Garner?

The first annual cleavage contest 2010

And the winner is.....(opening the envelope)... Jennifer Love Hewitt!!!

Remember the old days?

When women's armpit hair was on TV every summer.
(the pit hair model, Grit Breuer)

Fitness icon Monica Brant

Only an idiot would say "she must be on steroids".

Like looking in the mirror

Amanda Peet and Jennifer Garner almost look like twins.


Why are mannish looking celebs IN right now?

Good photos and not so good photos

It's fair to say that real beauty comes from inside, because
without makeup it surely ain't coming from outside.

This blog is all about celebs

And all may not like my opinions so too bad.